Community Expert Role

Who is a Community Expert?

This is a professional in any field of work who possesses experience and expertise who would be willing to share their knowledge.

Community Experts are expected to:

  • Be an adult outside of the student’s family.
  • Have planned communication with the student. The schedule will vary by project; some community experts might connect with with their students weekly, while others will meet less frequently. Early on, the student and community expert should discuss time expectations and schedule these appointments.
  • Comply with RFSD’s policy regarding background checks for volunteers. (See background check screening questions below.)
  • Maintain a professional relationship with the student.
  • Assist the student by answering questions and offering guidance throughout the project process.
  • Encourage academic rigor. Community experts know what professional standards look like in their field and feel comfortable offering feedback and pushing the student to produce high quality work.
  • Recommend contacts and identify potential resources in the field. Community experts might allow students to shadow themselves on the job or recommend a “must read” book in their field.
  • Contact the Site Coordinator if questions or concerns arise.
  • Provide feedback on the final product.
  • Complete a brief Community Expert Survey at the end of the school year.



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